VTrain - Anleitung zum Import von Vokabeln.

How to use vocabulary lists in Vtrain

Instruction written by Dipl.-Ing. B. Kelker Local Cisco Academy Lingen/Germany

01.) - download Vtrain from www.paul-raedle.de and install programme

02.) - mark, copy and paste vocabulary list in e.g. notepad

03.) - save file as *.txt-file in subdirectory 'data' of Vtrain

04.) - launch Vtrain 

05.) - only the first time change following settings: open 'file' and 'import/export options'
and set delimiters for 'front/back' to ASCII 35 (#) and for 'between flashcards' to ASCII 10 (|)

06.) - open 'file' and 'import/export' and import saved *.txt-file

07.) - save file as *.voc-file in subdirectory 'data' of Vtrain

08.) - open 'file' and 'new cardfile' and create 'cardfile name'

09.) - open 'cardfile' and 'fill with cards' and select *.voc-file

10.) - question: 'Omit flashcard duplicates'? say 'yes'

11.) - double-click boxes on left side start training

Happy training!!!